My Favorite Wine Tasting Room

My favorite wine tasting room is Core Tasting room in Old Town Orcutt run by Dave and Becky Corey. It is a warm and welcoming environment. They are simple and unique. Family and kid friendly, they cater to all people. They love the tight knit community which they are in, and it loves them back. Their wine making is unique for the area, and there is so much talent between Dave and Becky. They truly are a team. If you have not tryed their wines, or been to their tasting room, stop by. 105 W. Clark Ave., Old Orcutt, CA 93455.805.937.1600

Check out these videos from the wine maker…

2008 Hard Core

2008 Core Grenache Reserve

2007 Kuyam Cuvee Nolan

2008 Core Elevation Sensation

Tastes of the Valley, Solvang, CA – Elevation Sensation

2008 Core Kuyam Thirteen Moons

2008 Core Mister Moreved

2007 Core Ground Around

2008 Cuvee Fletcher

2007 Core Turchi Cab Sauv Reserve

2007 Turchi Cab Sauv

2008 Core Rice Ranch Red

2008 Core Turchi Cab Sauv Block D

2008 Core Turchi Merlot

2007 B. Core

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